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Horeca Bench – Steel And Acacia 35×100 Cm (Product Code: HC-DS154)

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Free shipping between 5-7 business days excl. VAT from € 750 (Belgium & Netherlands) Shipping costs to France are not included.

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Indoor & Outdoor
Acacia wood / Powder coated steel



Wood is a natural material whose appearance deteriorates when left outside. A surface coating is vital to protect it from premature cracking / splitting of wood when exposed to the weather. The finish must be maintained regularly to ensure that the wood is protected from moisture and the furniture remains looking its best. To maintain the appearance of the wood, coatings of teak oil should be applied regularly in accordance with the instructions supplied with the oil. The frequency depends on the weather conditions. We recommend using a parasol in an exposed position to prevent oils from drying and flaking. This will help maintain the look of the table surface. To maintain its appearance, this wood furniture must be protected from severe weather and stored underneath cover in winter. A generous oil coating should be given to the furniture before laying and again when it is removed from storage. If you choose not to treat your furniture, it will turn gray in color and crack. Light sanding tin restore the original color after which teak oil can be applied regularly according to the instructions above.

Additional information:

  • Oiled for long-term use
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Solid wood and steel construction
  • With feet to protect floors
  • Acacia & matte black powder coated steel
  • Ethically responsible acacia wood

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