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This website is operated by Safran bv (“we”) and the goods you purchase will be delivered by us. Our VAT number is BE0480.181.672
You can contact us by email at, by phone at +32 3 685 73 03.

We will use your personal information in accordance with our privacy statement which you can access here.

Our minimum sale is €300 excl. VAT and transport costs. You can place an order for goods offered for sale on this website by following the on-screen instructions after clicking on the product you wish to purchase. You will be given the opportunity to review your order and correct any input errors until you place your order by clicking the “Order with payment obligation” button. By clicking on “Order with payment obligation” your order has been placed.
We confirm receipt of your order by sending an automatically generated e-mail with which we accept your order. The agreement is concluded with this e-mail.
The contract only relates to those specific goods mentioned in our confirmation email of our acceptance of your order. Please read and verify this information in this email to ensure it is correct.
If the information in the confirmation email is incorrect, or if you are not satisfied with the details in the email, please contact us at
The contractual language is Dutch.
Where we accept your order, we have a legal obligation to deliver goods in accordance with these terms.
The order is irrevocable for the buyer, and may under no circumstances be destroyed by the buyer, even before acceptance by Safran bv. The buyer deposits into our account, pays with bancontact or pays in cash in advance 30% or the full amount of the total price of the order. For custom / personalized orders, the customer pays 50% of the total amount. Payment of this advance or full amount serves as confirmation of the order.

3.1 Intra-Community orders / deliveries (VAT-free)
If you want to pay VAT-free, you only need to send us your business document (from your non-Belgian company) with your active intra-Community VAT number (KBIS extract) and a copy of your proof of identity. The VAT number must be valid according to V.I.E.S. (VAT Information Exchange System). The specified billing address must be the same as the address linked to the VAT number.

Information on this website regarding prices is subject to change by us without prior notice. The prices displayed at the time of the order are the applicable prices.
Occasionally, an error may occur and goods may be incorrectly priced. In that case, we are not obliged to deliver the goods (on the basis of this wrong price).
We will either cancel your order and refund the price, or we will contact you to ask if you want to continue with the order (based on the correct price). If we are unable to contact you or if you do not wish to proceed with the order (based on the correct price), we will cancel your order and refund the price you have already paid. Where the correct price of the goods is less than our stated price, we may (in our sole discretion) proceed with your order and charge the lower amount upon shipment.
Unless otherwise stated, all prices are exclusive of VAT (if applicable) but exclusive of shipping costs. These will be notified to you separately before you place your order, after which they will also be confirmed by e-mail.

Information on this website regarding availability is subject to change without notice. We cannot guarantee the constant availability of the products on this site. All orders are always subject to current availability.
We deliver within and outside Europe. For deliveries outside Belgium, we work with an external transporter. We deliver the goods ordered by you to the address you give us at the time your order is approved.
Delivery will be based on the information on the product pages after your order has been accepted.
We will make reasonable efforts to deliver the goods on the agreed date. If no date is stated, we will deliver the goods within 30 days of the day you placed your order and accepted by us.
In the event of unforeseen circumstances (for example, adverse weather conditions, unpredictable delays due to traffic jams, road works, diversions or mechanical failures) we may not be able to deliver the goods within these deadlines and we will not be liable for any delay or failure to do so. the goods if the delay is wholly or partly caused by such circumstances. In the event that a delivery does not take place, we will agree an alternative delivery date with you.
A penalty for exceeding the delivery period is not discussed, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the client.
If one of the ordered products is not in stock, it will be placed on back order and, once it is available from our suppliers, it will be delivered to the client or collected by the client. If one of the products is not in stock at our supplier, and is therefore delivered a little later than the agreed delivery date, this will in no way give rise to a discount or fine in favor of the client.
We are also not responsible for any delay in delivery caused by the unavailability of someone to take delivery of the products. It is your responsibility to contact the post office or carrier regarding the goods that could not be delivered because you were not available.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the costs of transport and insurance are at the expense of the client. Free delivery from €950, -excl. VAT to Belgium and the Netherlands. The delivery costs under €950, -excl VAT to Belgium and the Netherlands are €95 -excl VAT. Transport costs outside Belgium or the Netherlands are different, rates are sent in advance by e-mail for approval.

If the door is wide enough, the purchased goods are brought to the ground floor. If the goods do not fit through the door, the purchased good is placed in front of the outside door. If our employees nevertheless transport the purchased products through the window or through any other place than the door out of good will, we are not responsible for damage to the delivered goods, interior or exterior or any other property of the client. Delivery / risk
The risk of loss, destruction and / or damage to the goods passes to the buyer at the time of delivery.

In case of cancellation of a standard order, an amount will be charged to the client as compensation for our costs, which has a value corresponding to 30% of the net sales price of the total invoice or order form for which a cancellation has been submitted. In case of cancellation of an order for custom work or personalized work, this amount is 100% net sales price of the total invoice or order form that is charged.

The buyer pays an advance of 30% or the full amount of the order. The advance can be made in cash, by bank contact or by bank transfer. For custom / personalized orders, the customer pays 50% of the total amount as an advance.
Remaining payment must be paid upon delivery. Payment can be made in cash (max. € 3000) or by bank card, this rule only applies when the transport is carried out by us. When using external transport services, the full amount for the delivery must be paid in advance. Payment can also be made without any deduction or discount in cash or with the bank card at the place where we are located or by transfer to a bank account designated by us.
Prepayment must be made in Euros, unless otherwise agreed. All this unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing. When paying by bank, the day of crediting our bank is considered the day of payment. If we are forced to hand over our claim for collection, which necessity is deemed to exist two weeks from the day payment should have taken place at the latest, all costs of collection will be incurred, including the salary of the lawyer, bailiff or bailiff engaged by us. collection agency, relating to both legal and extrajudicial work, at the expense of the client. The extrajudicial costs are calculated in accordance with the collection rate recommended by the Belgian Bar Association, to be increased in proceedings by the liquidated salary according to the applicable rate. Payments made by the client always serve to settle all interest and costs owed and subsequently payable invoices that have been outstanding the longest, even if the client states that the payment relates to a later invoice.

A 1-year warranty is provided for new products. Safran bv guarantees the sold goods and the material against any construction fault for a period of one year from the date of delivery. This warranty clause does not apply to normal wear and tear of parts. The following are also not covered by warranty: all defects as a result of poor maintenance, injudicious or brutal use of the furniture. This warranty period of one year for new furniture can be reduced unilaterally and this when this is imposed on Safran bv by the suppliers.
Interventions take place on working days from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Only if the warranty obligations with regard to the goods delivered by us have not been assumed by third parties (such as manufacturers), the buyer can assert (warranty) claims against us.
If the buyer has carried out repairs and / or modifications to the goods without prior, express and written permission, any warranty obligation on our part will lapse.

Agreements are only concluded after our express acceptance, which is evidenced by the written confirmation to the client or by the fact that we are implementing the agreement. Changes or additions to the concluded agreement must be submitted to us in writing and must be accepted by us in the manner described above.

All payment arrears automatically give rise to the claimability of the amounts owed and the granted discount, subject to the costs.
These costs include an increase of 10% of the amount due to reimburse the administrative costs, with a minimum of 65 €.

Purchased products remain our property until they have been paid in full. Once the goods have been delivered to you or a third party designated by you, you bear the risk and are accordingly liable. Advances may be kept to compensate for any loss on resale.

Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in the following, the statutory regulation regarding liability for defects applies.
The above limitations and shortened deadlines do not apply to claims based on damage caused by ourselves, our legal representatives or agents:
– in case of damage to body, life or health
– in case of willful or grossly negligent breach of duty and in case of bad faith
– in the event of a breach of essential contractual obligations, the fulfillment of which is indispensable for the proper execution of the contract and the fulfillment of which the other party to the contract may normally rely (cardinal obligations)
– in the context of a given guarantee, insofar as agreed.
We limit our liability to damage suffered by the client as a result of intent or fault on our part, and otherwise with due observance of the following. Consequential damage, such as damage caused by business interruption, regardless of the cause, is not eligible for compensation. If desired, the client must insure itself against this damage. Liability is otherwise limited to the invoice amount for the assignment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if we are insured for the relevant damage, our liability is limited to the amount to be paid out by the insurer on the basis of that insurance.

Used goods / Outlet (second-hand, Outlet)
Goods that are not brand new are offered by us as used goods in the condition in which they are at the time of sale. A purchase of a second-hand product therefore means that the buyer accepts any visible defect, so that after sale it cannot give rise to taking back the good.
Installation and connection
The stated prices are exclusive of installation, unless stated otherwise on the purchase agreement.

The buyer guarantees the correctness and completeness of and is responsible for the information he has provided to us. With regard to the information, sizes, color fastness and the like provided by us, the buyer must take into account the usual tolerances and minor changes in the goods delivered by us. The goods delivered by us may therefore deviate from the description in the order if and insofar as it concerns small differences in size, quantity differences and subordinate changes.
Defects that were not externally visible at the time of delivery, nor could be apparent from a careful and timely inspection, must be notified to us by the buyer within 24 hours of these defects becoming apparent.

If a provision of these General Terms and Conditions is not valid or not permissible, this does not limit the effect of the other provisions.
We may change or otherwise edit these Terms and Conditions over time without notice. Please check our website regularly to see which General Terms and Conditions are currently applicable.

Belgian law applies to all our agreements. All disputes arising from the agreements to which these terms and conditions apply, will be settled by the competent court in Antwerp, subject to the jurisdiction of the Subdistrict Court in cases regulated by law. Contrary to the above, the provisions of the Vienna Sales Convention are applicable to international transactions, while maintaining the jurisdiction of the district court in Brussels or the subdistrict court.

The European Commission offers an online dispute resolution platform for consumers, which can be found at We are under no obligation to participate in dispute resolution proceedings

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